Madeleine Januji is back in the national team – a year later

Two international matches await Swedish women football. On April 10, he awaits an exciting encounter with the USA giant at home at Friends Arena, a match you see on SVT. On April 13th, they met Poland away.

National team captain Peter Gerhardson has now introduced the 25-man squad and announced that Madeleine Januji, who had a hard time with difficulty sleeping and mental illness, among other things, is back in the national team.

– You might have been a little surprised to get a place in the World Cup, everyone remembers very well when she came to Chile and was the reason why we won this victory, she has the highest interesting qualities, as Peter Gerhardson says to SVT Sport and continues:

I am starting back there and it will be interesting to see in this group how far I have come after one year of the national team.

Take a break from football

Ganuji took a break from football last spring. She broke her contract with Wolfsburg and moved to Sweden. In August, she returned to Damallsvenskan with Piteå but before this season she went to Hammarby.

I feel like I get into it well, they have a gameplay that I think works for me. “I feel good both physically and mentally,” Januji tells SVT Sport.

There were many familiar names in the band. But both Natalie Bjorn (injured) and Anna Infegard are missing.

As for Anna, there has been very little playtime this spring. Hope you get time to play and get back, says Gerhardson at the press conference regarding team selection.

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