Lotta Engberg and Soldocktorn buy a house together

Lotta Engberg, 57, and Michael Sandstrom, 62, have hosted the first episode of TV4’s “Together with Strömstedts”, a couple since the summer of 2020. The show revolves around Niklas and Jenny Stromsted about love and relationships with different celebrity spouses.

The episode was recorded with Engberg and Sandström about a month ago and will air February 18. The couple then gives a conversation about “the chemistry of love,” says Mikael Sandstrom.

We talked about existential things as well, what is important and what has changed over the course of life … How do we prioritize now and how do we prioritize before. We are not young, so even if you don’t feel old-fashioned, you are.

We have a new white paper that we write on somehow. Even if you carry a little in your backpack, it’s a brand new bag … our time is now.

Moves to Gothenburg

Mikael Sandström found it easy to talk to the Strömstedts host couple.

I will not even say that I have opened up, and do not find it difficult to speak. They are very sympathetic and easy to talk to, so it wasn’t an awkward silence if you put it this way, he says.

Books in November Aftonbladet Sandstrom put his home up for sale in Hallstamar, into residence with Lotta Engberg.

As for Expressen, Sandström now reveals the couple bought a house together – in Gothenburg.

I sold her house and I’m manufacturing my house and I’m going to sell it … and move to Gothenburg, says Mikael Sandstrom.

We have already bought a house.

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Sandström bought the house in Hallstahammar over ten years ago after finding it in his home. According to Polly, he paid 3.8 million SEK. The house was built in 1976 and has six rooms spread over 369 square meters and includes, among other things, a luxurious indoor pool.

Mikael Sandstrom’s home in Hallsthammar will have a new owner. So this is not the home of Lotta Engberg and the new Sun Doctor.

Photo: Bjurfors Västerås / MG-Foto / Broker Marcus Skönebrant

Mikael Sandström’s Hallstahammar house, which was sold out, has an indoor pool.

Photo: Cornelia Nordstrom

Don’t believe in distance

He doesn’t want to say yet where the couple will move in Gothenburg. Lotta Engberg, who does not want to comment on the new home, previously lived in Olofstorp, 20 km northeast of Gothenburg.

Since summer, Ingberg and Sandstrom have been connecting 350 kilometers to each other. They have said in previous interviews that they do not believe relationships work remotely.

Maybe we should start with what unites us instead of looking for problems. Now it’s all pretty weird, too, but if we’re together in a couple of years, I think we’d be living together, he told Expressen last fall.

Flirt at the interview

In an interview with Aftonbladet at the start of last year, Lotta Enberg revealed her interest in Michael Sandstrom. The newspapers grabbed a love call from Ingberg and after the headlines, the hostess felt she needed to apologize.

– When a day passed and he said no matter how much, I wrote and apologized that I was stalking you in public and you were welcome to Liseberg this summer, she had already said in “Hellenius Hörna”.

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Lotta Enberg also said it took several months after that before the couple met on a date. In an interview with Entertaining guide Mikael Sandstrom describes his new love as “real and sincere”.

I think that’s a very attractive feature. An understandable and uncomplicated person. He says in the interview that she has such emotional breadth and clarity that it’s extremely easy to be around.

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On December 23, she led her sixth evening sitting “Bingolotto” on TV4, as she celebrated Christmas with her daughter.

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