Looking forward to: Towards the 2022 Hockey World Cup

Although this year’s World Championship has just ended, now is the time to look forward to the next edition. Here’s everything we still know about the 2022 Hockey World Cup.

When will the 2022 Hockey World Cup be held?

The tournament will take place from 13 to 29 May 2022.

Where will the 2022 World Cup be held?

Finland is the host country and the matches will be held in Helsinki and Tampere. Matches are held in Helsinki at the Helsinki Arena, at the same time as matches in Tampere at the Tampere Dick Arena, which is currently under construction.

The teams participating in the 2022 FIFA World Cup Hockey League are:

Just like this year, Russia, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, USA, Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia, Latvia, Denmark, Norway, Belarus, Italy, Great Britain and Kazakhstan will participate in the next edition of the tournament.

Usually two new teams are added before each season. Since the lower division tournaments were not played during the 2021 season, it will be the same team that will participate during the next season.

What teams will meet during WC 2022?

Group A consists of Canada, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Denmark, Kazakhstan and Italy. They will play their matches in Helsinki.

Group B consists of Finland, the United States, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Latvia, Norway, Belarus, and the United Kingdom. They will play their matches in Tampere, which will also be the main host city where the semi-finals and medal matches will take place.

There is usually an even distribution of top hockey nations, with the highest ranked team ending up in one group, the second highest ranked team in another and so on. But with this year’s surprising results which in many ways affected the rankings, we got more and more uneven groups for next year’s World Cup. Group B, for example, includes four of the six teams that are usually seen as the strongest in the world of hockey.

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When does Sweden play its matches?

The tournament schedule has not yet been presented, and it is likely that it will be after the summer.

When will tournament tickets be issued?

During the fall of 2021, today’s tickets for the tournament will be released, which will allow you to watch all the matches played in the same arena during one day. Before buying tickets, you will have to register your interest and then there will be a drawing that will decide who will finally be allowed to buy their tickets. In February 2022, tickets for individual matches will be issued.

Now, however, you can actually buy several VIP packages that give you a full day in the hockey spirit. All tickets are sold via the IIHF website.

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