Live broadcast 31 days in a row

Ludwig Ahgren’s plan with the so-called “subathon” was to last for 24-48 hours when it began on March 14th. The idea is that every time a person starts signing up for their account, ten seconds are added. Participants entered in the hundreds, then thousands, then tens of thousands.

Slog “Ninja”

So what did people watch? Well, about 25-year-old Ahgren who watched movies, ate, exercised, played and slept – in his bed in the red racing car.

Sometimes the watch was dangerously close to zero, but then new subscribers came and added the time. While he was sleeping, many administrators and viewers made sure to have fun over the broadcast by chatting, sharing funny clips, and the like.

In the end, Ahgren passed the profile of “Fortnite” Tyler “Ninja” Blevin, who had a previous record on the Twitch platform with 269,000 paid subscribers, thus breaking the world record. At the time of writing, it has more than 283,000 subscribers, according to Twittshacker, The vast majority during broadcast. A subscription costs at least $ 4: 99 a month.

to me Kotaku Ahgren will donate about $ 350,000 (nearly three million crowns) which he pulled from the broadcast record recording to charity.

The last time

After 31 days, that was enough. Ahgren announced that he would stop broadcasting – and there would be no more subathon, he said.

Before leaving, he seized the opportunity to smash his bed with a sledgehammer, and when the last minutes elapsed, he turned to the spectators.

– Don’t take this wrong. I am not your friend. No social relationships. I don’t know any of you 200,000 people on my broadcast right now. But somehow, you all made me a very happy group.

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Gustav Scholm / TT

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