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Finland finished the JVM group stage, losing to Switzerland. With the score in hand, there wasn’t much at stake – rather, it was a matter of staying fit and finding the fighting spirit and winning skull needed in Thursday’s quarter-finals. But he definitely tasted victory over Switzerland.

Finland lost to Switzerland 2-5 and finished third in Group A of the JVM. Switzerland is the second most popular train in the group stage, after Sweden, which rode on steam.

In Thursday’s quarter-final – which, in relation to the World Cup, tends to be a true “win or lose” match for Finland – the United States will face opposition.

Finland started sharply

The first period provided a good and fast-paced ice hockey game where it was clear that the little lions kept more pucks and created some decent goals, even if Switzerland in the form of Sandro Schmid got their first good chance in the match, a shot by Justus Anonen in Finland. Target managed safely.

Due to the first game sent off at the Elvis Santeri Hataca Hill, Switzerland actually faced the most dangerous situations in the first half of the period, but Justus Anonen resolved things bravely.

And when the Alpine nation failed to outnumber it, Finland did instead. Patrick Poystola’s winger – the opening goal in Finland’s opening three World Cup matches – ended with Anthony Honka scoring his first goal of the tournament. The full hit was Finland’s fifth goal in the World Cup, with the passes going to Christian Tanos and Phil Henola.

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The second World Cup is worse for Finland

If the first period had a high blue and white category, then the second pure frame was the opposite. There wasn’t even half a minute left before Fabian Brie equalized 1-1 in a situation where the Finnish players didn’t seem really awake. An unreachable shot for Anon, who doesn’t have to take the target into account.

Motivated by the blazing speed, Swiss Gaetan Jobin put the lead after two minutes. Finland quickly entered the race with Joonas Oden who led Lassi Thomson’s shot after a good run of Junior Lions’ second series.

Barely four minutes before the second period break, the Alpine nation once again took the lead. Captain Lacey Thompson missed the ball and Fabian Brie hit with good speed and fired an accurate shot that overtook Anonen, who once again saw his tackle drop.

Switzerland sets ugly numbers

In the third half, Switzerland was again successful in striking the goal, this time by Simon Knack who led a superb pass by Swiss captain Tim Bernie.

Finland chased hard the draw and draw but instead Switzerland had to break through the match with goals in an empty cage. Top scorer there, Valentin Nussbaumer.

Sure, losing Switzerland is painful, but it doesn’t have to mean anything. At JVM 2014, Finland lost its last group match against Switzerland but went a long way and was crowned world champion.

The JVM quarter-finals will be decided on Thursday and Finland will meet the United States while Switzerland will meet Russia.

In the last eight, Sweden will face the Czech Republic, meanwhile
Canada faces Slovakia.

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Ice Hockey, Junior World Cup, Group A:

Finland-Switzerland 2-5 (1-0, 1-3, 0-2)
12.49 1-0 Anthony Honka (Phil Hinola, Christian Tanos)
20.19 1 – 1 Fabian Brie (Sandro Schmid)
22.18 1-2 Gaetan Gobin (David Ibisher, Stephan Buttery)
28.33 2 – 2 Jonas Odin (Lacey Thompson, Kim Nossiainen)
36.04 2-3 Fabian Brie (Gian Marco Water)
50.03 2-4 Simon Knack (Tim Bernie)
53.49 2-5 Valentin Nussbaumer

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