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Little Leo made a successful start at the World Junior Summer Showcase in Plymouth. In the first match, they defeated the United States White after two goals by Emile Erholtz.

The young Leo begins the season that will culminate in the World Cup at the beginning of the year. The search for a new gold in the World Cup is going through several training tournaments, the first of which has begun now. During the next week, the team will play five matches in a high-profile tournament in Plymouth, USA.

The host nation the United States sided with two teams in the tournament and in the first match Finland defeated the United States White 3-2.

It was a good result, says captain Raimo Helmenin on the league website.

The United States led after 16.35 seconds but Finland equalized two minutes later through Emile Erholtz of Fasa Sport.

Erholtz decided midway through the second half

Early in the second period, New Yorkers pulled Oliver Wallstrom 2-1, but Finland came back a few minutes later. First, Sambo Ranta drew, then Erholtz decided to score with his second goal in the evening.

We got some good chances in the first half but the USA dominated. In other cases, we got better in the match, and the defensive match improved.

– In the third half we played very well, had long attacks and kept the disc. Thanks to that, Helminen says, we won the game as well.

Justus Anonen gave Finland a powerful game and saved 36 shots.

Finland will play its second match in the tournament later on Sunday when the USA Blue meet. USA Blu defeated Sweden in the first match 4-2.

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White US-Finland 2-3 (1–1, 1-2, 0–0)
16.35 1-0 Nick Robertson (Trevor Zigras, John Farinacci) p
18:23 1–1 Emil Erholz (Otto Kevinmäki, Elias Letamaki)
20.52 2-1 Oliver Wahlstrom (Zach Jones)
27.25 2–2 Sambo Beach (Aku Rati, Petro Cibala)
32.41 2-3 Emil Erholtz (Lenny Kilinen, Sambo Beach)

Justus Annonen FIN 36
Drew Derider USA 14

Finnish strings:

11 Alex Hatanin – 14 Anton Lundell – 15 Jonas Oden
6 Kim Nossiainen – 8 Lacey Thompson

12 Lenny Killinen – 13 Otto Kevinmäki – 10 Emil Erholtz
3 Phil Hinola – 4 Anthony Honka

17 Sambo Ranta – 19 Ante Sarela – 18 Aku Rati
9 Tony Autunnen – 2 Santilli Salmela

20 Samuel Salonin – 21 Patrick Sikkanen – 23 Mikko Bateman
5 Emile Latamaki – 7 Petro Seppala

1 Justus Annonen (30 Jasper Patrickinen)

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