Lina Hedlund: A window opens

Starting October 8, restaurants can enjoy the entertainment without having to send in all but the fifty people allowed at events.

It was a long-awaited important decision. This means you can do smaller gigs, says Jan Granvik, president of the Swedish Musicians Association.

Provided the situation permits, even arrangements with seated crowds can soon be exempt from the 50-person limit.

We still hope that we will start to open up and that there is confidence that the cultural sector can organize events based on the restrictions applied, says artist Lena Hedlund.

Comes into effect in October – maybe

The exception means if the audience sits within one meter, up to 500 participants should be allowed.

The waiver will be reached and come into effect from October 15, but only if the situation does not change. Information about the increasing spread of the infection that came last week has kept the government waiting for a decision. This could happen again, the Minister of Culture notes.

The maximum of 50 people is financially impossible, so you have to pay to be able to work. Lena Hedlund says a limit of 500 opens up creating jobs for many more.

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