Leaving Växjö – Junior Hockey in the USA

Philip Svedebak.

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Philip Svedebak.

Philipp Svedebäck sat on the bench during the play-off matches of the Swedish Championship and got help lifting the Le Mat Cup after Sweden’s Gold Championship with Växjö.

Now the young goalkeeper is leaving the club for matches at USHL Dubuque Fighting Saints.

With Victor Fast damaged until thrown Philip Svdebak On the substitute bench in the middle of a burning SM qualifier. The 19-year-old didn’t get any time to play in the playoffs, but it was part of the celebration on the ice when Växjö grabbed a gold medal at Sweden’s third-ever championship.

Celebrating gold was the last thing Svedebäck did at the Småland club.

Last week, Svedebäck was drafted by the USHL’s Dubuque Fighting Saints. It is now clear that it will be the cage keeper’s move to the United States.

– That’s the plan. Svedebäck says this seems to have been a path that has been a good fit for a while for me personally and it seems like a good opportunity for me to pursue my dream and play in the NHL minhockey.se.

One of the eight Swedes

He was 19 years old One in eight Swedes are drafted Dubuque during the draft last week.

The strategy for us was to fill in the gaps in our squad with as many good players as possible. I try to follow hockey in Sweden, and although of course the most important thing is that they are good players – not where they come from – I personally think it is very interesting to have good Swedish players in Dubuque, the Swedish club said. General Manager Callie Larson to hockeysverige.se last week.

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Svedebäck played 12 games in J20 for Växjö last season, with a 91.2 save percentage and an average of 3.47 goals conceded per game as a result.

Warg and Bodin rest in Niklas Sundström’s paradise at Studio Oddset

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