Lava lights up the sky when Icelandic volcano Fagradalsfjalli erupts

The first signs That a volcanic eruption could be on the verge of erupting, it occurred on February 24th when a magnitude 5.7 earthquake shook the area. The researchers interpreted this as the fact that the lava was on the verge of finding a way to ascend. Many earthquakes have been around 5, which is strong.

But the center of what The outbreak will have shifted in recent weeks.

Seismologists initially thought the eruption would happen more often in the southwest, but then slowed down and approached Grindavík and went to the northeast, says Bjorn Lund, a seismologist in the Department of Earth Sciences at Uppsala University.

Residents of communities closest to the outbreak have been told to stay home.

According to Bjorn Lund, it is magma that is now penetrating the Earth. Pictures of the eruption It shows how hot lava illuminates the clouds above Geldingadalur and the First Aerial photos It shows two tongues of lava rising from the ground.

what is happening now?

Now we can expect to open a crack a few hundred meters to several kilometers where the lava penetrates, perhaps in the form of lava fountains or more focused somewhere. We can be pretty sure that it formed a long southwest-to-northeast corridor filled with lava that now wants to rise, says Bjorn Lund.

Is there a danger to people in the area?

Perhaps there will be no problems for people in the short term. I don’t think lava reaches the road on the south coast.

The Icelandic Meteorological Agency wrote that there is now a warning for flights in the area and that all air traffic to and from Keflavík has been stopped. The explosion takes place south of the international airport.

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