Lastpass restricts free accounts – it can only be used on one type of device

As security on the web has moved to the radar of a growing number of people, so has the percentage of people using password managers. One of the most popular ones is Lastpass with which users can easily create hard to crack passwords and sync them between different devices. Each password is encrypted and then decrypted at the device level.

This will change now that the terms of Lastpass Free have changed. at Blog posts It appears that starting March 16, Lastpass will restrict the ability to sync their passwords across different types of devices with the free version. Hence, it is not a matter of a general lock for a single unit in your possession.

This means that the user can choose to use Lastpass Free on an unlimited number of computers, but not on mobile devices. The same applies to the mobile interface, as Lastpass Free can be used on an unlimited number of Android and Iphone phones, but not on computers. The layout is called “active device type”. Anyone who wants to be able to sync passwords across both types of devices needs to start paying for Lastpass Premium.

Lastpass doesn’t stop at limiting how you can use the free account. Starting March 17th, email support for free users will also disappear, which will be relocated to the company’s support center and the Lastpass community. Anyone desiring an opportunity for personal support will need a Premium or Family account in the future.

The company justifies that it now has more than 20 million users and that it must adapt their offerings to an “ever-evolving digital world”. Existing Lastpass Free users will have until March 16th to upgrade their account to Premium for $ 2.25 a month, down from the regular $ 3.0.

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For users who did not upgrade to Premium on March 16th, the first type of device to log into will be the free “Active Device Type” account.

Are you using Lastpass Free and are you upgrading to Premium? Or are you using another password manager that you would like to recommend to other members?

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