Last night before the alcohol stopped – but the police are expecting a quiet evening

When the Norwegian government decided this summer a national ban on alcohol in bars, it resulted in a stop Unusually active on weekends As soon as the decision goes into effect.

When Britain entered what was called a second lockdown in November I filled the streets Of happy British people who wanted to enjoy the nightlife one night before the ban went into effect.

“I realize the seriousness”

But when Sweden now imposes a ban on alcohol in bars and restaurants, police expect a quiet evening.

We have no known preparations for any form of street-breaking in the city, says Stefan Gustafsson at police in the West.

The same regulation, which prohibits the serving of alcohol in bars and restaurants after 22:00, will go into effect tomorrow Friday. The ban also means that all businesses serving alcoholic beverages will close no later than 10:30 p.m.

The alcohol stop is valid until February of next year, so Thursday will be the last evening in several months where it is possible to stay in a pub environment late in the evening. But the police still expected a quiet evening in the city.

I think that most people have realized the gravity of the situation and do not take advantage of this evening as a festive night. “We have no indication that this will happen and we don’t need to take it into account,” says Stefan Gustafson.

“You have a good preparation”

Stockholm Police are not expecting more pressure than usual.

We don’t believe in any major events, says Ola Osterling in the Stockholm Police District.

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No additional resources were allocated during Thursday evening.

We are well prepared to deal with it anyway, even if we don’t have a specific supplier, says Ola Osterling in the Stockholm Police District.

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