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The protesters, who oppose allowing Netanyahu to lead the country despite his corruption accusations, gathered outside the prime minister’s residence in central Jerusalem, chanting that Netanyahu had “kidnapped the Knesset.”

Protests against the prime minister have been taking place in the Israeli capital every Saturday since last year, but have intensified recently, according to TT reports.

On Tuesday next week, Israel will contest another election – the fourth in two years after the collapse of the last coalition government in December – and protesters hope Israelis will seize the opportunity to vote on it.

“He will be gone in three days,” demonstrator Lior Ashkenazi shouts in the Jerusalem Post.

Accused of corruption

Netanyahu and his party, the conservative Likud, have been in power for 12 years and aim to renew confidence in the March 23 elections.

But in the midst of a burning election campaign, the Israeli prime minister is accused of fraud, bribery and adultery.

The indictment against Netanyahu relates, among other things, that Netanyahu has negotiated with Shaul Elovitch of the telecom giant Bezeq about positive coverage on a news site in exchange for benefits that benefit the company.

The trial, which was scheduled to take place last year, has been postponed and will start on April 5.

Benjamin Netanyahu denies all charges.

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