Lagerblum: Germany and the United States have a winning mentality Sports

As many times before, it is expected that Germany and the United States will win gold in the Women’s World Cup in soccer. Yle Sport expert Jessica Lagerblum still highlights France as a strong competitor.

Overnight until Sunday, the FIFA Women’s World Cup kicks off in Canada, and in the opening match the host nation and China meet. The tournament continues until July 5th, with the final match taking place in Vancouver.

As is often the case before, the United States and Germany in particular are inclined to settle gold. Yle Sport expert Jessica Lagerblum still chooses to show France as a strong candidate for gold.

Germany and the United States both have a winning mentality. Personally, I hope that France will win because it is an experienced and technical team. In the European Championships, the team failed and one wonders if he is mentally stronger now. Then there are teams like Japan, Brazil and Sweden who could go a long way, says Lagerblum.

Group D – “group of death”

This year’s tournament is the first in which 24 countries participate. Teams fall into six groups and Lagerblom chooses to highlight Cluster D as the hardest.

Australia, the United States, Sweden and Nigeria are the most difficult group. At best, the USA and Sweden move easily, but if it is a tough start it might as well be, there are four good teams in the group. Group A with Canada, China, New Zealand and the Netherlands, I think it will be an equal group. I think New Zealand can match Canada and the Netherlands, says Lagerblom

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World Cup gold for Sweden?

Norway and Sweden are the only two Scandinavian countries to reach the World Cup Finals this time. Lagerblom thinks Sweden in particular will do well.

If Sweden starts its game from the start, it can win World Cup gold. The team has potential but the question is how good the team really is. She says I don’t think Norway can go any further.

Andre Giglerts, Finland’s main coach, expects the tournament to be good in Canada. And like Lagerblom, it highlights three countries as favorites.

There are many good countries and the tournament is held in a country where women’s football is very big. I expect a lot of people in the stands and great media coverage. Plus, I want to see good football. The United States and Germany are always good, and I also think France can challenge, he says.

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