L on Twitter: Have you visited the UK – Test yourself

A Twitter message from the Liberals was posted on Sunday evening and it says: “Everyone who has been in the UK recently should self-isolate and wait for tests to ensure our inner protection.” It also contains a link to 1177.se with a “test request here” request.

The message received reactions on Twitter.

“It becomes an extra flat case when you 1. Invent your own recommendations 2. … that don’t work in practice. (See the Asymptomatic entry to 1177 for the test),” wrote Matilda Lundblad, who works among other things as a doctor for the Swedish national football team .

Liberals’ health policy spokeswoman Lena Nordquist says the background is a political movement, but the Twitter message is improperly designed.

– We want to see such a recommendation from the Public Health Agency, but the person who wrote it must have misunderstood it. We are not an authority, we should not issue recommendations. I will call the Communications Department. She told Dagens Medicin that this would be a mistake.

The party wants the Public Health Agency to urge travelers from the United Kingdom to put themselves in quarantine to prevent the contagious sars-cov-2 variant from entering Sweden.

According to the information on 1177.se, only people who are showing symptoms or who are part of the infection tracker should be tested. You can leave the PCR test after symptoms appear for at least 24 hours. At the beginning of the disease, there is the largest number of viruses in the body, “it says in 1177.se.

Lena Nordquist says inviting travelers to order tests would be wrong.

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– Overload should not be required. 1177. This is the wrong mode.

At lunchtime today, I wrote a new tweet that read: “Liberals want to see new recommendations that mean that those who went to Britain should be quarantined.” The new tweet does not contain a link to order exams.

The original message, however, remains.

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