Two days after the United States broke its record per day for Coronavirus cases.

Coronavirus cases currently Height Across the US, but you couldn’t guess it by looking at photos and videos from Kendall Jenner Halloween and birthday party.

Yesterday, posts started Generalization From the densely populated event – where only approx
(And Jaden Smith, Perhaps ironicallyThey wear a mask – and they weren’t well received.

This is not even mentioned Video From Kendall as she blows candles on her cake without any regard to the servant carrying it, who was trying to get as far away from her as possible.

Well, after so many people pointed out blatant disregard, this shows everyone struggling during the pandemic – not to mention spirits who may be at risk – family mom Kris Jenner commented on the party.

Instagram / Kimkardashian

When asked about the backlash, Chris tried to defend Kendall and the event: “We are dealing with a lot of people who have different opinions,” she tells Andy Cohen on SiriusXM. Opinions are one thing, however CDC Guidelines – which people at the party clearly violated – is another.


CDC website States, “Put 6 feet between you and the people who do not live in your home. Remember that some people who do not have symptoms may be able to spread the virus,” which no one did in any of the social media posts shared from the party.

Chris continued afterwards, “All we can do is live our lives in the best way. We know how to take responsibility and do the right thing. And we do. And I think, I’m very sensitive to what’s going on.”

It didn’t stop there either. “I really tried really hard,” added Chris, before sharing the precautions she thought people took before the party.


“We are very fortunate to work in an industry where we get tested once or twice a week.” It’s great that they can get the test regularly, but many people don’t.

“At Kendall’s, everyone was tested before they entered the door and had to wait, you know, half an hour for the test to finish, and the results were there. And everybody was tested a few days before that, you know, Halloween. So we’re really responsible and making sure everyone is In our family and closest friends they are religiously tested. “


Chris didn’t participate in the company behind the rapid tests run to attend, but one A recent study From Quedel’s rapid tests, she found that the tests “only detected 32 percent of positive cases”. Additionally, “Quedel tests are only permitted for use in people who have symptoms, but the federal government has strongly encouraged their use in people without symptoms.” New York times.

Chris also had to say this: “We’re doing what we can, we are, trying to follow the rules. And then, if people, you know, get stuck and they’re criticizing, I can’t control that.”

Not throwing parties in the middle of a pandemic is actually something that we can all totally control – it looks like the Kardashians are choosing not to.

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