Karen Erickson: Those in power have cause for concern after another fatal shooting in Minneapolis

It was dinner on Sunday when a 20-year-old black man was stopped at a traffic control post in the suburb of Minneapolis, Brooklyn Center for a crime – he is said to have had an air freshener that covered the view in the rearview mirror.

Then it all went well: the police discovered that the 20-year-old was wanted for another crime and tried to arrest him. The man got into his car and the police opened fire. The car collided with another vehicle. The death of the 20-year-old man was announced at the scene. Identified as Daunte Wright by his mother, Katie Wright.

He died only a mile and a half From the court where police officer Derek Chauvin is being tried for crimes in Sweden that can be compared to murder or aggravation that caused the death of another person after the police operation against George Floyd in May of last year.

The Minneapolis area is now rocked by fresh protests. Hundreds of people gathered Sunday night outside the Brooklyn Police Station to demonstrate against racism and police brutality. Agence France-Presse reported that police equipped with riot control equipment attempted to disperse the crowd with tear gas and so-called dispersal bombs.

At midnight local time, National Guard soldiers were called in and Mayor Mike Elliott declared a curfew. Later, he posted a video clip expressing his regret for the family’s grief and promising that the authorities will do everything they can to ensure justice is served. Minnesota Democratic Gov. Tim Falls said he is closely monitoring the situation and prays for the Don Wright family.

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Governors of Minnesota He has every cause for concern. The death of George Floyd last year sparked global protests. Southern Minneapolis came under fire, vandalism, and looting – it would take many years Get rid of the traces of destruction Along the Lake Street shopping street.

Floyd’s death trial exposed horrific circumstances around police force brutality. During the first week of the trial, a number of sidewalk witnesses recounted how they tried unsuccessfully to persuade police officer Derek Chauvin to move his knee by George Floyd’s neck.

During the second week, representatives of the police force were heard, including Police Chief Medaria Aradundu. They jointly stated that Chauvin violated regulations when he kept Floyd pressed to the floor for more than nine minutes.

Arudondo said it is not part of our education and certainly not part of our morals or values.

Certifications are looked at As a breakdown of the trend in lawsuits against representatives of the judiciary. Perhaps the so-called “silence of the Blue Wall” has been permanently broken, as the police forces may have begun to deal with a culture of silence around members who abuse power and commit offenses in the service.

– I don’t know of any previous case in a large city in the United States where a police chief – in a uniform – testified against a police officer, says Kobe Flowers, Former federal attorney general and human rights expert, to the Washington Post.

But legal experts remain skeptical of whether the case will have broader consequences. When Chauvin is portrayed as a special case and a rotten egg, the police have no reason to address the broader problems with situations within the police force.

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For the Don Wright family and the Brooklyn Center protesters, there are no isolated incidents – but a culture of racism and police brutality that frequently affects black citizens.

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