Jon Gruden accidentally wears the old Oakland Raiders hat for Las Vegas Raiders, and the change happens mid-game versus the chargers

John Groden may not have forgotten the city he is coaching in on Thursday, but you will briefly forgive your time contemplating his choice of headgear. The Raiders The coach was wearing a Raiders hat while on the sidelines of his team’s match against Los Angeles ChargersBut it was old.

Gruden’s hat was one of the Auckland Raiders where the team played until the end of last season. Apparently someone pointed at him in error during the match, turning into a hat with the exact same line, but with the city reading Las Vegas instead.

This switch was prominent enough to grab the attention of the Fox broadcast, and side reporter Erin Andrews was sent out to investigate what happened. Early in the fourth quarter, she returned with a statement from Raiders, who said the mistake came out of habit. Per Andrews, Gruden is the owner of a big hat and maybe the headdress he wore at the start of the game was already spinning, so wear it without thinking too much about it – the difference in size between Raiders and the city is huge.

At the same time, it’s also worth noting that Gruden has a Las Vegas Raiders hat he’s been wearing on the fringes this season, so it’s unclear how much water the Raiders statement really carries, but I could.

Another explanation came from Leigh Mayock, daughter of Raiders General Manager Mike Mayuk, who posted on Twitter that this was just Gruden’s way of celebrating Throwback on Thursday.

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