John Grodin addresses the Hat Raiders after losing overtime to Charger

Raiders of Las Vegas Coach John Groden had NFL fans scratch their heads Thursday night as cameras caught him wearing an old Oakland Riders hat while he was leading his team against Los Angeles Chargers.

Gruden wore the old hat – a black hat with Oakland Raiders in white stripe. The veteran coach seems to have been told about the hat and changed it back to the Las Vegas Raiders hat at some point during the first half.

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He talked about putting on the hat after the team lost overtime to The Chargers.

“I apologize for not wearing the right hat,” Groden said. “Someone played a good trick with me.”

Invaders and Chargers grapple in overtime. Las Vegas had a long first run that ended with a field goal, then the team only needed a defensive pause to win the match.


Quarterback Chargers Justin Herbert He had other plans because he had a long pass to set up the game’s winning series. Herbert finally ran the ball to the finish zone for relegation and victory.

Groden said he was proud of the way his team played.

“I would say I am really proud of our team. We lost a lot of men tonight and lost a lot of men. [Marcus] Mariotta came along and did an amazing job. It is a pity that we couldn’t find a way to win that match in the end, it is on me. “

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Mariotta replaced the start quarterback Derek CarrWho left the game with a thigh injury and did not return.

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