Johan Glanz kept tight “On the Path” – and Crystal was kept awake

Trains run Sweden’s largest television entertainment. It’s always a little slow before it starts to speed up and the premiere wasn’t one of the best shows. On paper, they felt like two good teams, “on the track”, they weren’t any further.

Farah Abbadi and Johan Glanz, her host, comedian, have been with her last year. He won a match, lost one and had to take the next train home.

Sana Lundell and Crystal Johnson, journalist and host, were the pioneers of rock band Eldkvarn. Beginners, who were actually a little curious.

In the first instance, Al-Abadi and Glanz had a brutal tone. I shouted at him and apologized. I told him to guess the title of the movie and then got rid of his suggestion. When they had two artists to choose from, he had to choose … “And if that’s wrong, we’re friends anyway.” When he got the correct answer on the second flight at the age of eight, she shouted, “No, we’re not withdrawing now.”

In dressage, Crystal sat up and stayed awake. In this year’s Much Better movie, he seems to fall asleep sometimes, but no car was needed to sleep here. Sana Lundell’s disappointing song kept Laura on alert.

First trip to Bergen, Norway. When Solberg and the rain were mentioned, Devotional and Glanz were associated. One is the prime minister of Norway, and the other is the destination’s weather.

The second trip was to Athens, Greece. I think viewers have been there long before that. “White Roses from Athena” was a hit even in Sweden. Her glans was there at eight, but she couldn’t answer.

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The third trip was to Baltimore, USA. The hardest trip. Sanna & Plura didn’t even know they were in the US at first, and were weak on sub-questions.

No team liked it, both traveled carefully, and nobody was willing to take the opportunity – yes, except for the glans of course, but you saw how it went.

Abbadi and Glanz won, 30-27, which is a good number, but that is not enough in the upcoming matches.

The Little Dragon New House band had a fun voice. But the signature sounded like “On the track” began with a ringing tone. Touch half of Sweden on the sofa for a mobile phone …

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“On Track” airs Friday on SVT and SVT Play.

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