Johan Dalen plays the violin concerto for Bowend on the fiftieth anniversary of the death of a javelin composer

Beethoven then and now
Friday, October 2
Gavle Concerteus 19.00.0000

Gavle Symphony Orchestra
Romon Gamba, Dirigent
Johan Dalen, violin

Larson Guth Apotheosis (2012)
Boo Lindy Violin Concerto
Beethoven Symphony No. 7

Legendary composer Bo Lindy, born in Gävle, was only 37 years old when he passed away on October 2, 1970. But he left behind improbably beautiful music as the 1957 violin concerto was the breakthrough. On the 50th day of Bo Lindy’s death, 20-year-old prodigy Johan Dalini, a world-famous violinist, performs the glamorous concert. The ceremony begins with Mats Larson Goeth’s musical commentary on Beethoven-Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony, which conveniently ends the ceremony. It is led by Romon Gamba, who was previously a maiden at Norland’s opera and performed the premiere of The Apotheosis of the Dance, which is also dedicated to him.

Bo Linde’s live contacts with the Javel Symphony Orchestra began even before the young composer began his music academy as a teenager. The conductor of the orchestra at the time, Eric Bengtson, was an important mentor and music partner of Boend, as well as his piano teacher. During his school years in Stockholm and Vienna and during his many travels in Europe during the 1950s, Lindy remained in contact with the orchestra at his home in Gävle and was himself a soloist when the first piano concerto was shown at the Gävle Theater in 1955. Many received works by the Bo Orchestra. Lindy made her first performances of the Javel orchestra, which she often had in mind when he composed it.

What does the 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven have in common with composer Mats Larson Guth? Beethoven composed Symphony No. 7 in a sanatorium in Bohemia. At the Vienna premiere in 1813, Beethoven himself performed the concert and the music is said to have left such a deep impression on the audience that they immediately wanted to hear the second move again. When Richard Wagner heard the symphony, he described it as “an apotheosis of the dance” – he simply thought it was brilliant. Mats Larson Goeth borrowed Wagner’s quote in his essay The Deification of the Dance (2012), a contemporary look at Beethoven’s Seven Band, which was dedicated to leader Romon Gamba. With much love for Beethoven, he weaves past and present together in a personal and personal expression.

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With indomitable will and strong integrity, Ludwig Van Beethoven created timeless music that has given millions of people around the world unforgettable experiences. In recent years, it has also surpassed Mozart as the most played composer in concert halls around the world! The nine symphonies are the core of Beethoven’s work on life. They are completely unique and limitless universes that can be explored again and again, and there are always new things to discover. Simply cannot hear Beethoven’s “finished” symphonies. The seventh symphony was already a success in the premiere. It’s also an outdoor music that’s full of energy and dramatic charge. Napoleon had by this time besieged Vienna, heavily influencing Beethoven. So the second movement has sometimes been interpreted as a monument to human suffering and the conclusion as an inspiring triumphant victory. With its powerful rhythms, it is also one of Beethoven’s most powerful symphonies.

Johan Dalen
The 20-year-old violinist Johan Dalen made an impression on the world music scene and won first prize in nearly ten international competitions. Most recently, he was soloist with the Norrkoping Symphony Orchestra and the Sundance Symphony Orchestra in Norway, the Menhoye Jewish School Orchestra in London and the St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra in Lithuania.
He was born in 2000 and started playing the violin when he was four years old with Päivikki Wirkkala Malmqvist at Norrköping Cultural School. Three years later, he made his debut as a soloist with the Norrkoping Symphony Orchestra, a collaboration that was repeated three years later when Johan participated in the orchestra performance of the famous Pablo de Sarasati band Zigeunerweisen. He has performed in a long series of performances in the Nordic countries and has also played in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, South Africa, China and the United Kingdom. Among other things, he was on stage at the historic Musikverein Concert Hall in Vienna and Teatro Bibiena in Mantua.
Johan Dalen playing on Stradivarius from 1736, on loan from Anders Sveaa Allmennyttige Fond.

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Romon Gamba
Romon Gamba began his studies at Durham University and continued his studies at the Royal Academy of Music where he studied with Colin Mitters, George Hearst, Sir Colin Davis and others.
In 1998 he won the BBC Lloyd’s Bank contest for young musicians, which marked the beginning of a brilliant leader’s career.
Gamba is closely associated with the Nordic countries through its positions as lead conductor in the Iceland Symphony Orchestra 2002-2010, Norland Opera 2008-2015 and Aalborg Symphony Orchestra 2011-2015. Inducted into the Royal Academy of Music in 2002.

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