Joe Biden’s updated election speech sparked celebrity reactions

After one day President Trump Do the same, Joe Biden He appeared in front of the nation to share his opinion in a situation 2020 presidential election.

As the vote count continued, Biden took the lead in both Pennsylvania And the Georgia Although neither country has yet called their races. A handful of other nations’ races also remained unjustified.

During that Thursday addressTrump card He infuriated the celebrities While continuing to claim widespread voter fraud.

This time, the stars took to Twitter to praise Biden – as it seemed the road to victory had appeared for the Democratic nominee.

Celebrity reaction to Trump’s election update

“How strange it is to hear a sane man after these past four years,” John Cusack Books. “It is almost strange to hear the sound of cohesion.”

“RELIEVED” I clapped alone in my apartment. Billy Eichner said.

Hollywood begins to get excited when Biden picks up the battle states; Express disappointment to the Senate

“A strong, consistent and logical elected president spoke to the nation, and I felt the collective exhalation” “Will & Grace” said I blame Debra Messing. “America has spoken. Most Americans in US history. You voted for change. It will be alright.”

“Quiet,” Josh Gad Books Online. “There is a president speaking.”

“Sleepy Joe” All you love, realDonaldTrump, Geoffrey Wright Publishing. “Joe Biden is the captain now.”

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“The president spoke and actually made me feel better than I did before he spoke !!!!” Ben Platt said.

Alyssa Milano Share a simple quote from Biden’s speech: “We are opponents – we are not enemies.”

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“Nice to have a human again,” Dylan O’Brien said With a red heart-shaped emoji.

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In reference to Biden being joined by fellow candidate Senator Kamala Harris on stage, Comedian Natasha Rothwell said: “I will address the fact that there is a black woman on the stage now for the foreseeable future.”

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