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As more and more people return to office work in various forms, it becomes increasingly important to have flexible and accessible FM utilities. Sony’s FM Nimway solution provides information, reservations, and an overview of meeting and work areas, which also simplifies social distancing.

Nimway offers more flexibility and efficiency, and thus saves time and money, says Lars-Gunnar Lundgren, Business District Manager at Sony’s Nimway.

The need for flexible facility management solutions during last year’s pandemic has been greater than ever, and most agree that the demand will only increase as the popularity of so-called hybrid offices grows. However, this places high demands on the tools used.

Nimway is the complete solution for the modern workplace. It acts as your personal assistant throughout the workday and eliminates many time-consuming tasks, such as finding your way to meeting rooms, finding colleagues, or finding a vacant office, says Lars-Gunnar.

Nimway is constantly being developed and today constitutes a complete advanced solution. Nimway also provides essential hardware, such as sensors in meeting rooms and under desks or monitors outside.

Nimway relies on Android and iOS mobile apps, room boards and digital floor plans. It can be connected to any standard calendar system, such as Office 365, Exchange and Google Suite.

Does not require any training

This flexibility, combined with the tool’s broad set of functions, has led Nimway to develop into a world-leading service in a rapidly growing segment. With its intuitive, flexible interface and smart digital functions, Nimway simplifies most office logistical challenges.

The office adapts to your employees, not the other way around

Nimway is all about helping companies adapt the workplace to their employees, not the other way around. Less time spent on after-work (the work you do before you can start working) means that employees have more time and energy to spend on productive and creative work that adds real value to the business. They experience less frustration, more spontaneous meetings, as well as more opportunities for cross-pollination between departments. In many ways, Nimway contributes to creating a better atmosphere at work. It contributes to improving business.

When you choose Nimway, we handle everything from installation to modifications, commissioning, monitoring and support. The system requires minimal management and therefore users do not need any training at all; Simply download the app and get started, concludes Lars-Gunnar.

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