Jennifer Lopez and her kids greeted the 2021 reception on stage in Times Square

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There were a lot of weird things about your New Year’s Eve rockin ‘celebration for Dick Clark this year in Times Square in New York City, and most of it had to do with the fact that there were only a few hundred people on the streets. Compared to a million Who usually meet. But there was one shining beacon of hope in this usually tumultuous live event: Jennifer Lopez and her family.

Her twins, Max and Amy, her mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez, her fiancé Alex Rodriguez, and daughters Natasha and Ella, joined the stage after her performance to watch the ball drop. They all counted down the seconds, and at midnight, JLo and A-Rod exchanged a kiss. You can see that moment after the 1-minute mark in this video:

Max and Amy, who turned 13 in February, have been very supportive of their mom during her big moments this year. At the Super Bowl in February (do you remember soccer matches with massive crowds?), Emme Performed on stage With her mother and Shakira.

when Entertainment tonight I was curious On the role of Emme before the halftime show, A-Rod basically confirmed the mother-daughter duo … without confirming it.

He said, “I think you have great, great information.” Entertainment tonight About the report. “I think there is – exactly what I said, and I’ll leave it here because … if I continue this interview, my rank will be demoted to Uber driver and security to Jennifer, so I think be great.”

No wonder the reporters are curious about the talents of J Lu’s children. They have some good genes, and both Emme and Max have proven themselves passionate about performing. In late February 2020, a few weeks after the Super Bowl show, their mom was proud Share a video Max in The Wizard of Oz Kmunchkin.

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From Emme, J.Lo Jimmy Fallon said Amy clearly loves theater:
She has the performance Jane where she doesn’t leave it in her mind, how big it is or how it scares you, Lopez. This is what you have to do when you’re there. You kind of have to control. [yourself]. “

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