Jackwarz snatched the first overall selection in the 2021 NFL Draft with the Bears losing, and Gates won

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Jacksonville Jaguars on the clock, Trevor Lawrence on the way.

Jaguars snatched their first overall selection in the 2021 NFL draft today by losing to the Bears, while the Jets simultaneously beat the Browns. The Jaguars are now 1-14 and Jets 2-13, and if they finished with the same record, the Jaguars would be picked first because they possessed the power of the spacer table.

Jacksonville started Mike Glennon In the quarterback, which was bad at the day’s game, some will question whether Glennon’s position on the field was designed to get a shot at Lawrence, the Clemson midfielder who is considered one of the best potential players ever. The Jaguar is almost certain to take Lawrence first overall.

This Jaguar has been horrible this season, but there are grounds for optimism in Jacksonville. In addition to the first public selection, Jaguar has a draft in the first round of Rams and a fourth round of draft, a draft round of Vikings in the second round, and a draft round of browns in the fifth round next year. They also have the most payroll space in the league.

So while this year has been ugly, Jaguars could be on the brink of building something special. With Lawrence leading the way.

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