It’s possible that Bill Nelson will be the next NASA chief. Politician who does not believe that a politician will be the head of NASA

It is possible that US Senator Bill Nelson will be the next head of NASA, as US President Joe Biden is expected to nominate him soon for this purpose.

When Nelson is nominated, the US Senate must approve it, which is expected to happen because many Republicans have already been positive about the upcoming nomination. Bill Nelson himself was in space when the US space shuttle Columbia rode in 1986 on one of its missions.

Nelson has been a critic of former US President Donald Trump’s appointment of Jim Bridenstein to head NASA in 2017 and He then said “The head of NASA should be a space specialist, not a politician.”. Nelson was also one of those who vigorously advocated for NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS), a gigantic rocket that was both expensive and cracked its schedule many times over. At the same time, he was critical of the fact that NASA has increasingly started hiring private companies like SpaceX for its space missions.

Former NASA President Jim Bridenstein resigned on the day Joe Biden was elected President of the United States. Since January 20, Steve Jurchick has held the position of vice president of NASA, pending the appointment of Biden as the new official head of the US space agency.

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