It looks like Richard Branson wants to go to space before Jeff Bezos. Virgin Galactic is rumored to make the next space flight on July 4

Virgin Galaxy founder Richard Branson appears eager to get into space before Jeff Bezos mentions the sources Parabolic Arc has been in contact with.

After Virgin Galactic’s last successful test flight last month, the company said it then plans to send two pilots and six passengers to the limit of space. This is said to happen sometime during the last six months of the year, but no specific date has yet been given. Parabolic Arc sources now indicate that Virgin Galactic’s first passenger flight may take place on US National Day on July 4 and that Richard Branson will be one of the passengers on board.

If Virgin Galactic were to launch VSS Unity to the Karman line on July 4, that would mean reaching the space limit about two weeks earlier than Blue Origin and its founder Jeff Bezos. On July 20, Blue Origin’s first manned flight with the New Shepard spacecraft is said to take off. Then, in addition to Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark will also be there. One of the sites will also be auctioned off in an auction that ends on June 12.

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