It appears that the 2022 feature in the dark imagery anthology is called The Devil In Me

And then we still haven’t received the House of Ashes for this year.

According to many, Supermassive has yet to be reached until dawnclass carefully field man or little hope – But they keep trying. Just in time for Halloween, we’ve got Part Three الجزء dark pictures– intologen, ash houseand, keeping the tradition alive, ends with a teaser for the next game…

…which might have the subtitle Satan is in. The title is registered as a trademark in Justia BrandsMost recently, on June 28. Not mentioned concretely, but the subtitle Satan is in Perhaps it stirs up a whole pile of diabolical speculation.

It is also emphasized that what we see at the bottom is a small magnifying glass. This might refer to some kind of detective or mystery story, which doesn’t feel too illogical for the series. 🕵️

The tag consists of the word THE on top of the words DARK PICTURES, stacked on top of the words THE DEVIL IN ME. The letter V in the word DEVIL is stylized, with a magnifying glass attached to the bottom of the letter V. To the left of the sign is a skull towards the left and a compass inside the skull.

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