Issues with plug-ins and add-ons in the new Photoshop for the Apple M1

Photoshop was recently updated to version 22.3.0 With support for ARM-based processors such as Apple Silicon, “M1” and Windows ARM, the program can now run without emulation, contributing to programs up to 1.5 times faster.

But now Adobe has informed its community that the “add-on” function is not supported at all in the new 22.3.0 version of Photoshop when used on an M1 chip, such as the MacBook Pro M1. Installing PS 22.3.0 will cause all extensions to disappear. Some additional ingredients can also be troublesome.

Adobe’s suggestion is to find other plugins that have the same functionality or for users to contact whoever created the extensions, so that they can be taken to work on the M1 processor.

At the same time, they announced that older add-ons could still run in simulation mode, which is something that can be done if you run Photoshop in something called “Rosetta Simulation Mode” on computers with ARM-based processors like the M1 processor from Apple.

Not yet the same features

In addition to issues with extensions and plug-ins, Adobe also announces that the following features do not work with Photoshop 22.3.0 for M1:

  • Import, export and play embedded video layers
  • Vibration reduction filter
  • Preset sync
  • Quick sharing of photos
  • Create a new library
  • Shared files with you, share files with others
  • Open or download the U3D file extension
  • Launch Bridge from Photoshop

In addition, there are the following errors:

  • SVG-export vid problem
  • The stacking box with HDR Pro is quite large
  • Copying / pasting or editing in Photoshop from Lightroom does not work between the enhanced version of M1 and the version that emulates Rosetta
  • The 3D functionality of the M1 has not been improved
  • Black image when looking at 3D images
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