Irisity and Axis enter into a partnership to develop intelligent deep learning cameras

Irisity AB (publ), ADP, Axis’ development partner, has developed an embedded version of IRIS to be integrated into Axis TPU cameras resulting in an AI camera capable of deep learning.

Through Axis Communications’ partnership program, Irisity is integrating an embedded version of the advanced IRIS algorithms for the next generation of Tensor TPU processing units, based on it. This enables advanced deep learning capabilities completely independently on Axis cameras without the need for server or cloud support.

  • We’re excited to have Irisity in our ADP program and look forward to this great combination of IRIS capabilities, resolution and our powerful TPU cameras, Bj√∂rn Callenfors, Axis comments.

Several new application areas have been identified including railroad crossings, unmanned warehouses, and nightly supervision of the elderly home environment.

  • Axis Communications is a leading global company with high-quality cameras and a robust network of environmental systems, and is one of the first companies to have a camera powered by the ASIC AI Accelerated chip ideal for our embedded solutions. Looking forward to working with Axis, comments by Marcus Backlund, IRCiti CEO.

Around the axis

Axis enables a smarter and safer world by creating network solutions that provide insights to improve security and new ways of doing business. As a leader in network video, Axis provides products and services for video surveillance, analytics, access control, intercom and audio systems. Axis has more than 3,800 dedicated employees in more than 50 countries and collaborates with partners worldwide to provide solutions to clients. Axis was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Lund, Sweden.

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for further information:

Marcus Backlund, CEO

Phone: +46 771 41 11 00


Bjorn Kalinfors, Hub Director, Ecosystem

Phone: +46 46 272 2334


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