Invesdor begins operations in the UK |

Despite Brexit and statistics showing crowdfunding activity slowed down due to the referendum, the Nordic platform Investedor has decided to start a branch in the United Kingdom.

The idea is that Invesdor’s investor circle, which is mostly made up of people from Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway, will be able to invest more easily in smaller UK companies.

Henrik Ottosson, who has a past as Director of the North at the Société Générale in London and at the RBS, was appointed head of the new branch. He has been working at Invesdor in a consulting role since 2015.

This Brexit crowdfunding has been a bit slower lately, and Invesdors CEO Lasse Mäkelä thinks it’s just a temporary recession.

The UK remains the place to be when it comes to crowdfunding stocks in Europe, he says in a comment.

Autoson also says that Invesdor clients continue to be interested in investing in British companies, not least in the growing group of tech startups from London and the many small digital companies in the north of England.

Invesdor has been building its network in the UK since December 2015.

In addition to helping British companies, we also want to take investment opportunities in the Nordic countries to British investors. Autoson says northern companies have a good reputation among investors here.

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