Interest in American politics continues – Kulturnytt in P1

Radio Sweden’s USA Radio podcast broadcasts two programs per week and the editorial staff notes both the interest and commitment of the listeners.

During the fall and the last run until Election Day, American podcast listening increased dramatically and during November 3 and 4, podcast access was just over 236,000 people, while around 4.5 million people listened to Swedish radio these days.

The level of conflict in American politics is very understandable. There are two parties facing each other, then there are two candidates vying for a seat in the White House. In addition, there is a recurring drama built in which is the first speculation, then the primary election, then the party convention. Then comes the presidential election as an escalation, and then one candidate admits defeat and the other wins, explains Sarah Stenholm, US podcast host.

She means that The mere concept makes it easy for listeners to follow what’s going on, but he adds that this year’s selection is still special.

Everything was suspended until November because one of them said they had won and the other didn’t admit defeat. Of course, it also contributes interest.

Several other Swedish It also reported the role of the media with great interest in its electoral initiatives. Among other things, SVT, whose own numbers show that more than 40 percent of the Swedish people participated in their election coverage. Among other things, the broadcast of the report was viewed on the evening of November 4 by more than 1.4 million viewers and their digital site saw over 7 million unique visits on the Internet during Election Week.

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Anne Lagercrantz, SVT Nyheter’s Director, thinks dramaturgy plays a role.

On the one hand, great concern is rational because it affects the entire world, but there are also amazing traits with two clear opposites symbolizing in many ways the polarization of the United States. I also think having only two opponents benefits interest in other options that can be difficult to follow and understand, so there is a great deal of seriousness but there are also features to the entertainment, says Anne LaGerrantz.

While preparing electoral reports SVT Nyheter had a reporter and three news teams on site – a coverage rate that she thought was justified.

It is justified to have a lot in place, and here, of course, we want to cover both candidates in the final race during the election, but also to give ample time to talk to supporters and voters and try to paint a picture of what is in quota.

But isn’t there a risk of over-analyzing or overseeing?

I don’t think you can analyze this election much because there are so many angles and you can say that the US election system is quite difficult to understand, which is not intuitive, and you also say and add that you also realize that most spectators do not watch closely but follow the watch in rounds, often on the go , And that’s something they associate with.

The American podcast was broadcast Nine programs during election week and have continued since then with two programs per week, one more program than usual.

The fallout from this election is so full and incredibly interesting that we should have more time to talk about everything we want to talk about and want to share with our listeners, says Sarah Stenholm on the American Podcast.

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It also does not believe that there is a risk that the elections will be monitored too often.

I don’t think analyzes are what we have a lot in the Swedish media in general. We are an analysis program, not an opinion program. I understand it because my listeners think it’s so cute.

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