Intel covers the Go PC campaign – More Dirt of the Apple M1

The divorce between Intel and Apple after fifteen years of collaboration seems to be heating up properly. As Apple keeps both the main processors and the M1 processors relatively cool, Intel has already covered a campaign in which they shoveled shaky PC arguments against Apple such as the company’s recent choice of colors in its range of computers.

Intel is now launching the next rocket in the form of Go PC landing page Which aims to explain why laptops are better with Intel processors. The features Intel thinks are best on the PC are broadly the same as those shown in commercials – that Apple computers require additional hardware for communications, and they lack features. touch. Contact. Link On the main screen it is possible to connect only an external display device and it has insufficient support for games.

There is no comparison between a Mac and a PC with an Intel Core processor when it comes to design innovation. Computers can be customized to suit a user’s hardware and software needs in order to function the way the user likes it. The bottom line is that PC provides users with choice, which is something users don’t get with a Mac.

Furthermore, Intel is moving to Macbooks arguing that the company’s Core processor represents innovation – objectively a bold statement given that Apple’s ARM investment with the M1 could pave the way from the x86 instruction set toward something more innovative. Additionally, Intel highlights that PC offers more options – which is definitely true, given the number of different players who do things their own way.

The highlight of the Intel comparisons, however, is battery life – here the company is backing down as a result of Apple calling 18 hours of battery life for M1 Macbooks based on a “low” brightness of 150 nits. If the backlight is turned on only to cause corneal abrasion of 250 nits, “not to win, but to make the test realistic,” instead, the i7-based Acer Swift 5 achieves the same battery life of about 10 hours as the M1-shod Macbook Air, Intel says.

Everything just works

A computer is designed for the user. They can run whatever programs and games users want to run and accommodate all the plugins you love. The possibilities are endless with a computer versus a strictly controlled walled Apple garden.

Another argument to be discarded can be found under the heading “Everything just works”. Here, Intel paints a picture of Apple’s ecosystem as a “closely watched private park” – where a Windows or Linux computer allows all the conceivable programs and games to be produced. The fact that Apple has created a brand on Mac OS products and operating systems that are popular with users whose list of requirements “should just work” seems to bypass Intel unnoticed.

In its enthusiasm for revealing half-truths, Intel still managed to produce a few certified points – like the fact that Apple’s M1-based computers have non-existent support for many modern game titles and only support an external display. It is best for anyone who wants to form their own opinion about Sand War Respective site.

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