Ingrid found a dead mouse – among the frozen peas

On Sunday, Kalmar’s Ingrid Markstam was in the kitchen preparing dinner. It will be a loaf of ground meat, potatoes and a cream sauce with mushrooms and peas.

As she poured frozen peas into boiling water, she saw something dark between them.

My husband and I first thought it was a rotten pea.

But it was not. Among the peas there was a dead mouse.

Ingrid was shocked and all appetite was gone. Ingrid thinks the worst thing is that they actually had time to eat peas from the same bag.

– It was downstairs and it came now when we were going to eat the last thing, and that makes you feel worse, she says.

You worry that it could carry an infection. You don’t know what type of bacteria is. But I managed to boil it anyway.

Ingrid Markstam found a dead mouse among the frozen peas.

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Axfood: “The investigation has started”

It was SVT Nyheter Småland that first reported About Ingrid’s Discoveries in a Pea Bag.

They have been in contact with the manufacturer Axfood, who thinks the mouse is unlikely to end up in a pea bag during the production and packaging process.

“We have received a report and have informed the consumer that we have started an investigation with our supplier. This is clearly not something that could happen,” Axfood wrote in an email To SVT.

Ingrid Markstam got the same answer from Axfood when she reported the matter. You feel suspicious.

– I felt like I was lying in his eyes. But this happened. Why do I invent, I have no reason to do so?

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The provincial board of directors has identified the mouse species to be an Algerian domestic mouse located on the Iberian Peninsula.

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Algerian house mouse

According to the information on the bag, peas are packed in Spain. Ingrid says the county board has identified the type of mouse for an Algerian house mouse located in Spain and the Iberian Peninsula.

– I can’t have a happy one here in Sweden anyway.

Axfood has now given Ingrid a 500 kr gift card. They say it wasn’t supposed to make her feel suspicious.

– I understand they have proper sorting and such, but this happened. Nobody is flawless and things happen, but that’s something that really shouldn’t be happening.

It will be some time before Ingrid and her husband eat the frozen peas again. Now they have a hard time eating at all.

– We don’t have another appetite after that. She says it will take a while before it comes back, and I can imagine.

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