Increase Media Company Profile – ‘The biggest focus is UK growth’

Media Profile Daniel Ridgert, formerly known as influencer and podcast executive, has been running his own company, Redgert Comms for a few years now, which is an agency working in marketing, business development and corporate digitization.

And the company is growing rapidly. The Swedish Company Registration Office’s most recent annual report shows that Daniel Ridgert had sales of 20.2 million SEK during the fiscal year ending in August 2020. This can be compared with sales of 11.8 million SEK in the previous year.

At the same time, the result was about 1.1 million Swedish kronor.

When Daniel Redgert visited Breakit Live, he also took the opportunity to uncover how the company is now working. Growth appears to be going well this year as well.

“We expect to achieve sales of about 35 million in Sweden this year and then a few million more in the British company,” he told Brickett, without giving any results.

According to Daniel Ridgert, the reason for the growth is that they have invested in more than just marketing.

“Instead of just offering PR, we provide everything the type of company that Breakit monitors, including performance and influencer marketing, and materials for advertising, social media and website development needs, and when clients are well established in Sweden, we follow them abroad.

What is the focus now?

“The biggest focus is on growth in the UK, where we have just signed the old Oatly headquarters. Although we operate from our current offices in the USA, Norway, Canada, Germany and Brazil, the ambition is to establish physical offices in as many of these markets as possible. The United States may be like that in the near future. “

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