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If Trump falls, so is your majority in the Senate

CThe personnel of the service and the related super PAC are notoriously bad Dirty fraudster Roger Stone from the Republican Party They are calling for Trump supporters to punish Republicans by sitting down The decisive rounds in the Senate of Georgia Or write for Trump instead. Although their efforts remained on the sidelines of the party, the trajectory of the movement made Republicans fear it would lead to the loss of the Republican Party. Take control of the Senate.

The most aggressive call to boycott or cast protest votes in the two rematch races, to date, came from the idle pro-Trump group PAC with ties to Stone, which unveiled a new initiative to respond to supposed Republican apostates by handing over Democrats. Take control of the US Senate.

The group named the US Sovereignty Commission, Unveiled a new site Encouraging Republicans in Georgia to write for Trump in each of the upcoming run-off elections for the Senate, which could determine which party controls the upper house during President-elect Joe Biden’s first two years in office. PAC argued that doing so would show support for the president as well as forcing Republicans to address the wildly rigged election fraud conspiracy theories put forward by Trump supporters and members of his legal team.

“If we can do that, then we have a real opportunity to get these RINO senators to act in the illegal and corrupt elections headed by a democratic party investing in the Communist takeover of our great nation,” the group wrote in its new letter website, “We will never cease to fight for you, American patriot, against the evils of socialism and lower religions.”

The effort represents a broader push among some of President Trump’s most devoted supporters to withhold support from two challenging Georgian Republican senators facing competitive remodeling, Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue, hoping to capitalize on the party’s fear of losing the U.S. Senate. Get more institutional support to get them to change the election outcome. The aim, these agents say, is to expose an alleged widespread conspiracy to rig the elections that is instigated by high-ranking Republicans in the Georgia state government, including Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Ravensberger.

It was the American Sovereignty Commission and a sister nonprofit group In 2016 As a way for high-profile pro-Trump clients – most notably Stone and former Blackwater President Eric Prince – to try to suppress the black vote by amplifying claims that Bill Clinton had an illegitimate bi-racial son. The atmosphere has been mostly calm since then. PAC’s recent files with the Federal Election Commission reveal nothing but federal and state tax liabilities, and its new effort in Georgia does not appear to have received much of a boom yet.

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A request for comment sent to the U.S. Sovereignty Committee email address on file with the FEC has not been returned. Efforts to reach Pamela Jensen, the California political activist who leads the group, were unsuccessful. Her husband is a lawyer named Paul Jensen who Stone describes As a “longtime customer,” he told The Daily Beast in an email that his wife “has no comment, and neither do I.” Stone did not respond to inquiries about his current involvement with the group.

However, efforts by the Grand Political Action Committee and other pro-Trump activists to tie the knee up with Republicans in Georgia gained traction over the past week thanks to public statements by Powell, who claimed in a Saturday interview on Newsmax that she imagined a voter fraud plot involving Dominion’s voting machines. And the Venezuelan bribes It extended all the way to Kemp and Raffensperger. Powell even suggested that Loewfler would have lost this month to Rep. Doug Collins, her biggest rival in the Republican Party, had it not been for the presumed voter fraud that marred the Georgia election.

Mr. Powell said that Kemp and the Secretary of State need to keep up because they are in a Dominion scam with their last-minute purchase or $ 100 million Dominion contract reward.

Fears of an intra-party disaster in Georgia sparked by Trump fans anger over Powell’s conspiracy theories have been tempered slightly by internal polls that showed that a relatively small fraction of Trump voters in the state are so disaffected that they may scold Republican candidates in the Senate. One Republican activist who viewed this poll told The Daily Beast that the number was “one square”.

But the January 5th run-off competition is expected to be very tight even as any splits are barred. Even Republicans who are fully convinced of conspiracy theories about Trump’s defeat in the election say they are concerned that it will reduce the Republican Party turnout, which may be enough to cost the party the Senate and majority seats.

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“Anger at the incompetence of the Secretary of State and the governor’s failure to lead may mean that the Republicans will stay home,” said Newt Gingrich, a former Georgia congressman and speaker of the House of Representatives. “I think there’s a very, very big problem getting the Republicans to participate.”

Gingrich told the Daily Beast in an interview on Monday that he is fully convinced that the Democrats will try to steal the Senate election. Gingrich predicted that Republicans “could actually win the popular vote but not win the counted votes.” “They actually have a fairly easy campaign … the problem is when you’re done doing all of that – the traditional and the classic campaigns – if the other side then has enough control over the election mechanism, they hit you.”

But Gingrich said he hoped such poor expectations of an inevitable election steal would drive Republicans to the polls, rather than reinforce voter apathy that he said he worries about. He said, “I have a very simple form.” “You have to earn a greater margin than they can steal.”

Although Gingrich may see the risks of runoff in clear terms, other Republicans do not. On conservative social media site Parler, mourn Trump fans He said They will express their displeasure with the Republican Party by skipping the tours or writing in the name of Trump. Last week, talk show host Rush Limbaugh Tell His audience stated that Republicans “never Trump” were desperate to vote in the run-off rounds, suggesting that the votes of Trump supporters could be within reach.

“It’s funny how these people who never throw out want us to save bacon at the moment while they sit on their heels and mock Trump and we are voting for him,” Limbaugh said.

Limbaugh eventually urged his fans to vote for Loeffler and Purdue anyway. But Lyn Wood, a pro-Trump attorney, Georgia lawsuit In an effort to halt the approval of the state vote, Georgia tweeted on Saturday that it will not vote in the run-off unless Loeffler and Berdio take further action against his claims of voter fraud on Election Day.

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Wood tweeted: “Threaten to withhold your voices and your money.” “Ask them to represent you.”

Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue either do what we said, because we are their voters, their donors, their volunteers, or we literally won’t vote.

Ali Alexander

Conservative activist Ali Alexander, who has organized the “Stop Theft” protests across the country, called on Purdue and Lovler to invite Kemp to order a special session of the Georgian legislature to investigate allegations of voter fraud. Alexander said that if they didn’t, Trump supporters would boycott the run-off.

Before imitating his critics’ concerns about Senate control, Alexander said: “Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue could do what we have said, because we are their voters, their donors, their volunteers, or literally we won’t vote.” . “Oh, but Ali, so the Democrats are taking the Senate?” I would rather have an enemy in my face than a traitor behind me. “

Alexander, who has close to 200,000 followers on Twitter and leans towards grandiose declarations about his influence within the party, has threatened to launch initial campaigns across the country under the brand “Stop Theft” against Republicans who perceive that they do not adequately support Trump’s post-election legal efforts. . . He claimed he could persuade 100,000 voters in Georgia to boycott the run-off on January 5, and urged his fans not to donate to Georgia Senate candidates or Republican groups, saying they already had enough money.

Alexander said, “Nobody should donate to NRSC, RNC, Kelly Loeffler or David Perdue.”

Alexander’s comments sparked opposition from Representative-elect Marjorie Taylor Green (R-Georgia), a once-QAnon supporter who is now scheduled to be sworn in in Congress in January. Green tweeted that the threats “will hand the Senate over to the Social Democrats!”

Green tweeted, apparently, in Alexander: “People who receive donations to personal PayPal should spend it on elections.” Solicit donations for their PayPal account Of Trump voters.

Other Republicans scrambled to ensure that angry Republican Trump voters still turned up for the run-off vote. Donald Trump Jr tweeted Monday to Trump supporters to deflect calls from conservative activists to steer clear of the vote.

“This is nonsense,” Trump Jr wrote on Twitter. “Ignore these people.”

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