Ida Björnstad leaves TV4 – travels with love to the United States

Ida Björnstad’s sports profile has emerged in recent years as one of TV4’s biggest. She’s covered everything from hockey allsvenskan to SHL over the years, but she also praised the charity project “Give away to Sport,” as she was one of the big initiators.

During the charity project, she met, among others, NHL professional Mattias Ekholm, who plays for Nashville Predators on a daily basis. Ekholm himself was present during an event to contribute equipment to the sports equipment kit that Björnstad had started to help young people in worse financial conditions. The goal was to help young people bear the costs of sport.

Over the years, she has traveled to the United States to meet love, but the journeys have been difficult and arduous. This fall, it’s time for a change – and you’re not going to be on TV anymore.

“It didn’t work out in the end.”

Aftonbladet reported that Bjornstad is resigning from TV4. When SportExpressen talks to the 31-year-old, she talks about the difficult decision.

If it had not been for Matthias, I would not have chosen to exit this life of anything in the whole world. Love what I’m doing here at home. I have my friends and family in Sweden. But in the end it was a matter of physical rejection, Bjornstad says.

Mobility between the United States and Sweden in recent years has exhausted troops.

I tried to negotiate with myself: “Is it possible for us to meet in any way?” But in the end it didn’t work. I had to make a tough decision. And it was not on the map to withdraw from Matthias, she says.

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Bjornstad: “Not an easy decision”

What are the pros and cons of making a decision?

Quite frankly, Matthias was only on the positive side. It wasn’t much more than that. I know many people dream of life in the United States, but I’ve never had this dream. I would have been more than happy to stay in Sweden to be near the snow, my family and friends. I will be the first to want to return home to Sweden when Mattia’s contract expires. But now Matthias is in the US and “plus” there is over 110 percent overweight. This is the decision I will remember on my deathbed. But it wasn’t an easy decision.

Bjornstad hopes he can continue working as a journalist anyway.

– I need something to do, otherwise I’m going to climb the walls in a week. I have a good dialogue with TV4 and I hope you land something. Either to work more with charity or my “Giving to Sport” project. we will see. It’s frustrating and scary and it can be great to take on new challenges in life.

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