“I will be happy the Christmas tree is back to its full shape.”

Pontus Jansson formed a center back pair with Victor Lindelof throughout the autumn of the Nations League. The Blue and Yellow team awarded four straight losses, twice against Portugal, Croatia and France.

The Brentford player was unhappy both against Croatia on Sunday and in Lisbon against Portugal on Wednesday night when he missed several positions that resulted in goals for the home team.

No idea, I have to look at it and analyze it. No idea, Janson answered a question about what he would like to change in his efforts.

Contrasts with Sweden

Sweden tried to put a higher start in the back streak and pushed the Portuguese up the field. Jan Anderson then admitted to being bold and perhaps a little gullible.

Our defensive game is generally at this level. Today, however, we are setting us free for a few simple goals. This is not the case today. There we have to have a better balance in our team. Everyone sees it. Then there are a lot of good details. They are pushing us back, they are not playing with us.

Lindelof was on the same path.

We must look at how to do a better job collectively. It’s not just about playing in the back.

The “Christmas tree” is missing

At the press conference, Jan Anderson was asked if he is missing captain Andreas Grankvist, 35, after conceding eight goals in four matches. The midfielder is still injured at home in Helsingborg and has not played football since mid-June.

Yes, Andreas Grankvist in complete fitness is a great midfielder that we enjoyed so much in the national team. So obviously I hope he comes back, says League Captain and continues.

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– Then I will not say that I miss him tangibly until everything goes differently if he were with him. Those who did out there today did the best they could. But it is evident that if the “Christmas Tree” returns to its full state as it was before, I will be happy.

KLIPP: Swedish heavy loss to Portugal

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A heavy Swedish loss against Portugal

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