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It seems undeniable that many, not the least of them here at Gamereactor, are truly dissatisfied with Marvel’s Disney + latest project The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Peter even went so far as to describe it as the worst TV series he has seen so far this year.

I myself loved it.

A very uncomplicated little smoker with enough entertaining action sequences, cute buddy moments between Sam / Bucky (their chemistry is unbelievable) and cute little nods to the Marvel universe so I have a really fun time with the six episodes we dealt with. I also loved acting as Anthony Macy and Sebastian Stan each had to materialize a little more than before into their respective personalities and brag about pages that previously had to be set aside in favor of other (and larger) characters needing playtime. Kurt Russell’s offspring and Wyatt Russell excelled as John Walker. We definitely hope we can see more of him in future productions and that he continues to strike a balance between a psychopath and a hero.

Of course, not everything was so good. There wasn’t an interesting villain anywhere in the story, the Power Broker character was completely neglected (the serial model is one of Marvel’s craziest creations in the woods and I was heartbroken for being without him) and you could possibly use Baron Zemo a little more than just as Daniel Brull looks Cruel as he swings his fur on the dance floor, serving up jam candy and coming up with in-depth analyzes of both men’s fashion and the soul music of the 1970s. But on the other hand, Daniel Brule is so good that I still enjoy with all my heart seeing him own every scene he’s starring in – and when I think about it, I wanted to watch an entire TV series where we could follow Zemo around the world – traveled where he shares his huge private knowledge bank with it. Please, Disney, give it the go-ahead for now.

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And unlike what Peter writes about his blog, I think the Black Lives Matter theme has been nicely integrated into the story. Pieces with the forgotten story of dark-skinned superheroes were among the most emotional moments in the series. The scene in which the police officer unprovokedly aggressively interacted with Sam and Bucky standing and arguing in the open street seemed to be a powerful reflection of how everyday life could definitely look out for many dark-skinned people, especially in the USA. The fact that even an Avenger can’t escape prejudice may be a clue to some superhero fans who happen to be a little restrained from their human point of view. Or at least as a cute little lesson for the guys who watch the series. On the other hand, I think that in the last episode in particular, it has become a very old 80’s cartoon series where moral cake is presented in a way that is far from accurate. That speech in front of the cameras, no matter how awesome the message itself (and Mackie played an amazing role while delivering it), I felt a little closer when the characters (like Man-At-Arms and He-Man) end in episodes. Masters of the Universe Use to explain why medications are never good and why it is important not to freeze someone in their group of friends.

The bottom line is I really liked The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. An entertaining mini-series that is well-played and at times takes control of the little things which would definitely have felt better than letting the heroes have a reasonable villain to fight against, but it generally goes on to show that Marvel hasn’t lost the spark after the end of the game.

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Now I miss Loki.

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