I heard NASA’s Mars helicopter from home. Creativity seems to have landed on Mars

Last week, NASA landed its persistent Mars lander on Mars, with Ingenuity, the first Mars helicopter on board, as well.

Last weekend, Ingenuity contacted NASA, which means the helicopter also managed to land as planned. NASA has been in contact with both the helicopter itself and the base station that will later be used to send signals to Ingenuity.

The creativity weighs about two kilograms and at the moment its batteries are charged via Rover Perseverance. Once it leaves Ingenuity to persevere and prepare for its first trip to Mars, the helicopter will be charged with its own compact solar panels. NASA says about this:

“ After perseverance spreads creativity on the surface, the helicopter will have 30 Martian days [31-Earth-day] Test flight test window. If creativity survives the first chilling Mars nights – temperatures drop to minus 130 degrees Fahrenheit [minus 90 degrees Celsius] The team will continue its maiden flight into another world. If Ingenuity succeeds in taking off and flying during its maiden flight, then more than 90 percent of the project’s goals will be met. If the helicopter lands successfully and remains operable, up to four more flights can be attempted, each one dependent on the latter’s success.

Exactly when Ingenuity is scheduled to make its first test flight, there is no specific date yet. However, the plan is for this to be done 30 to 60 days from now.

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