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We have probably all at some point or another participated in meetings where technology has failed or hasn’t worked. This can lead to great frustration and also lead to the meeting starting in a bad mood or being considered unprofessional. BenQ makes work, meetings and education easier and more efficient with smart solutions where you can avoid the hassles of technology.

BenQ has seen the most trends when it comes to meeting room solutions and is constantly working to meet the needs of its customers. The foundation of BenQ’s solutions lies in the simplification of meetings and the technology required to avoid spending time on technology and the ability to deliver high quality materials.

– We have zero tolerance for trouble and that it takes time for meetings to start. Whatever room you are in the office and whether the meeting will be held on site or remotely, meeting solutions should run quickly and smoothly from the start. Therefore, our products are adapted to all kinds of devices, operating systems and also Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive cloud services, says Daniel Assarson, Nordic Sales Manager at BenQ

More efficient with wireless meetings

In the Nordic countries we often bring our own computer or tablet and use it for presentations. With InstaShow from BenQ, you don’t have to waste time finding the right cable because it works with all devices. Apparently, InstaShow is a nice tweak that takes up little space where with a simple push of a button you can connect your computer, mobile phone or tablet to the device you want to present it on. We guarantee to get you started quickly, easily and without hassle.

InstaShow is also built with high security standards that can handle confidential and confidential documents in banking sector, military sector as well as with police. This allows you to feel safe and know that transportation is safe.

digital collaboration space

Another trend that BenQ has noticed is the need for a digital collaboration space, something they have responded to with their large touch screens. A simple and good tool in both the education sector and the corporate environment. Instead of a regular whiteboard that you need to scan constantly, you have unlimited space on the touch screen and you can also save and share content with those attending the meeting. If they are some of the participants participating in the meeting digitally, they can also share the touch screen online so that they can participate in the content in real time.

The touchscreen also has a built-in air quality sensor that signals the onset of bad air in the room and perhaps time to take a break. The screen is also anti-bacterial, flicker-free, and has a low level of blue light. In this way, it contributes to providing a more comfortable working environment where the brain and eyes do not get tired. Touch screens can also be connected to many cloud services.

smart projectors

It may look like an ordinary projector on the outside, but inside it’s smarter than ever. You have the ability to download content from various cloud services and also works like a smart TV where you can easily access various work related applications, documents, photo and video files. The BenQ Smart Projector also has a wireless presentation service and with InstaShow you get a superior solution when it comes to playback of motion graphics and videos. Thus, you can apply quickly, easily and with excellent quality.

About BenQ

BenQ stands for “Bring Inclusion and Quality to Life” and has been a leading brand in the technology sector since the early 2000s.

In addition to a strong focus on trends in healthcare, we also have a great effort to leave a green footprint and try to incorporate an environmentally friendly strategy into every step we work from innovation to using and recycling our products.

– More than 100,000 employees around the world

Offices in 28 different countries

Presence in more than 130 countries.

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