Hungary Orbán tar Fidesz ur EU-Parlamentets grupp EPP.

what happened?

For several years, delegations within the bourgeois EPP group, including the Swedish moderates and the Christian Democrats, have tried, Hungarian club Fides suspended from EPP. Delegations indicated that Fides violated the democratic values ​​upheld by the party group. The German Christian Democrats wanted to keep Fides to influence Hungary to change direction.

Recent developments led to the Christian Democratic Union / Christian Social Union joining the Kataeb against Orban’s party. That Hungarian member compared the group leader Manfred Weber with the Gestapo in Nazi Germany He definitely contributed.

What are the implications for the European Parliament?

The twelve members of Fides are now joining another party group, presumably the Conservative Party ECR. Viktor Orban has already written a letter of appreciation to the Italian party at ECR, which also includes the Swedish Democrats and Polish Law and Justice. Of course, ECR will be stronger with Fidesz, which could have political significance in the future. For example, Christian Democrat Ursula von der Leyen was elected President of the European Commission in 2019 with Nine votes prevail. The voice of her vids.

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The ECR passes the green group in size and thus becomes more interesting for the other groups to conclude agreements with it. Thus, the influence on the Swedish Democrats increases. Additionally, the ECR ends up earlier in arranging to speak in discussions and has more time to present her arguments. This makes the group more visible to the voters.

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How was the EPP group affected?

It is still by far the largest in Parliament, with 175 members. The question is whether, for example, the members of Slovenia and other individual parliamentarians who voted against the rule change are also leaving the EPP. Thomas Toby (man) doesn’t think so.

In his talks with DN, he hopes that the EPP will now take a tougher approach to countries that undermine the rule of law.

The most dangerous thing is that we must find cooperation with Hungary. Hungary is bigger than Fides, but we are seeing an alarming development moving away from European cooperation. In the short term, this is not facilitated by what is happening now in our party family. Toby says this is a very important long-term issue.

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