Hungarian Fides leaving EPP group

Members of the largest party group in the European Parliament, the conservative European People’s Party, voted Wednesday morning in favor of a rule change that would make it possible to exclude the ruling Hungarian party Fidesz.

Dissatisfaction with the Party of Fides was significant among the many member parties of the European People’s Party. Of the group’s 180 members, 148 voted in favor of a change of rule that would have made the disqualification possible, while 28 voted against it and four abstained.

It’s hard to associate with Vids

In many member countries, including Sweden, it was a bit difficult for the EPP parties to associate with Fidesz. Christian Democrats and Moderates, for example, are often asked how party friends feel with Fides when Hungary is behaving in a way that does not fully align with democratic principles, says European SVT correspondent David Poitty.

Fides is a somewhat extreme party that does not really belong to this party group which is made up of a fairly wide range of center-right parties.

Finally, M.

Moderate member of the European Parliament Thomas Toby welcomed the news of Fides leaving the group.

– The Moderates have worked for a long time to leave Hungary’s Fidesz party for our party family. Viktor Orban is heading in an authoritarian direction that undermines the rule of law and independent media and we cannot accept that, he says to the TT news agency.

It remains unclear which party group it will apply to now. It has been speculated that they may join the group of the most skeptical European Union ECR conservative party, which includes the Swedish Democratic Party and the ruling Polish Law and Justice Party.

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