Hundreds of thousands of postal votes can be canceled due to small errors



Hundreds of thousands of postal votes have been canceled due to small errors in the ballot papers, he writes NPR.

Among other things, it may be the issue of not signing or that the signature does not correspond to the signature that was previously recorded or that the form was filled in in any way incorrectly.

During the 2016 presidential election, a total of 318,728 postal votes were rejected, largely due to signature issues and lack of compliance with deadlines.

Several organizations and volunteers are now working to contact the people who made mistakes so that they have time to correct them before Election Day, NPR writes.

The process is confusing, especially for those who vote for the first time, says Aden Lynchner, deputy director of NextGen America, which mobilizes young people in the first place to vote.

It can be especially important in important major wave states like Florida, where 11,500 votes are already required to be corrected, according to NPR.

Florida, which opened yesterday for early personal voting, broke a record with a total of 350,000 voters on Monday alone, writes Politico.

In total, more than 2.5 million people now voted in the important state, double the number of votes in the last election.


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