Huawei could be closed from the UK – News (Echo)

Earlier this year, Chinese telecom giant Huawei got the green light to be one of the suppliers that will expand the UK’s 5G network. By that time, the British intelligence services had come to the conclusion that any security risks were manageable. But the decision became controversial.

The company has been loaded To give the Chinese state access to its systems. In this way, the Chinese system can access sensitive information. But it is something Huawei has repeatedly denied.

According to information in The British Telegraph and Sunday Times, among others, the British intelligence service GCHQ has now made a new assessment of Huawei. It states, among other things, that security risks have increased with US sanctions, which means that Huawei cannot use American components.

A new decision So it is being developed, which is believed to mean Huawei will close out of the 5G network, according to sources in the two newspapers.

When British Health Secretary Matt Hancock gave an interview to Sky News this morning, he did not respond to comment on leaks about Huawei. But he stressed that he is confident that the authorities will do a good evaluation of the 5G network.

We will ensure that we have stable and secure communications networks, said Health Minister Matt Hancock.

Also in Sweden Huawei is used as one of many 5G service providers, something that Ekot reported earlier this year.

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