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How to wash clothes in bathtub?

Tips to wash clothes in a bathtub:

Any kind of clothes can be washed in bath tub, but before that you need to know about some essential things. After knowing all these things, you can perform this task in a better and efficient way. So, have a look on the following points for your guidance:

  • First of all, you should keep in mind that what type of clothes you want to wash, then use ingredients according to the requirement. Like if you are going to wash light clothes, which are not actually loaded with a lot of dust and for such clothes, you can use normal water for washing purpose. On the other side if the clothes are heavy like towels, blankets, etc then you must use hot water to exclude the dirt.
  • Add the detergent in the bathtub, according to the amount of the clothes. Type of the detergent also matters a lot in the proper cleaning of the clothes.
  • While washing clothes in bathtub, try to avoid overfilling and try to wash clothes one by one carefully. Keep them dip freely for a short time for better cleaning.
  • Keep rinsing until the clothes are clean. If they don’t clean, rub the garments or dirty areas, but with a limited force, so that tissues of the clothes may not get damaged.
  • After completing this process, put the clothes outside the tub in another bucket, and empty the bathtub, and then fill the tub again with clean water, rinse the clothes one by one in the water and then put them in the dryer and finally, your clothes are washed.

What ingredients are used to put in the bathtub?

As you all know that water is the most important ingredient and some accessory ingredients are also important like baking soda, borax, and laundry detergent. Then rinse water thoroughly for mixing of all the ingredients. Mixing of ingredients somehow depends on the temperature of water like, if it is cold it may take more time as compared to get dissolve in the hot water.

Can you dry clothes without using any dryer?

After having enough knowledge about “how to wash clothes in bathtub”, you may be worried that, how you can dry them without having access to any dryer. Different dry rack hangers are available in the market, which you can use to dry your clothes. These racks are very helpful in case of any picnic, camping, or travelling, as you not need to worry about handling washed clothes. Sun plays a key role as a natural dryer for this purpose.

What precautions you should adopt while washing clothes in bathtub?

While washing clothes, you should be careful especially during this time, when pandemic is raising in the whole world, you can avoid any disease or problem by acting upon some advises like, you should wear a washing face mask for your security, and you should use different sanitizers to prevent your clothes from the germs and bacteria present in atmosphere. You can use special detergents for washing clothes in a better way.

Is it possible to wash clothes in bathtub without using liquid detergent?

If liquid detergent is not available, then you can use its alternatives like powdery detergents or pots washing liquid. But make sure that the added ingredients should be mixed completely in the water for better results. These ingredients can remove tough stains, but can leave a smell behind it, but have the ability to make these clothes useful for you, during travelling or some other condition like this. How to wash clothes in bathtub is a question that may cause hassle for you, but by having a look on the points discussed above, you may got the answer.



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