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How to unlock door with hole?

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How to unlock door with hole

As we all know that everyone has many doors in their houses and managing the keys of all these doors is a difficult task. Sometimes your keys get lost, or often you forget after keeping the keys. In all these situations, you may get worried, but instead of getting worried you have to adopt some safety measures that are essential at that time. It is usual to lose your key, most of the people come across such situation. If you are one of them, don’t worry just read the following instructions and apply them to open the locked door with the help of the hole. Here we have provided all the guidelines that will help you to know that how to unlock door with hole.

How to unlock door with hole?

Here we have listed some simple methods that are used to unlock a door with the help of the hole present on it. Some doors have a side pinhole handle or some have hole in the middle. You can use the following methods to open such doors.

  • Using a Screwdriver

The perfect tool for this purpose is a small flat head screwdriver. However, a bobby pin can also be used, but before using it you have to straight it. By doing so it will be able to push the lock.

  • Insert a small flat head screwdriver inside the hole

The first step for opening the door with hole is to insert the flat head screwdriver in the hole. Note that it should be small and straight. If it is not straight then it can stuck inside the hole and can damage the lock of the door. Read more about missqgemini.

  • Position the screwdriver

Next step after inserting the screwdriver is to push it in a right direction. Move it inside the hole as long as it goes. While pushing it inside the hole you will feel a clicking sound. Keep pushing the bobby pin or screwdriver until you open the door.

Using a Strong Force:

This method is used in case of some emergency when you have to open the door as soon as you can. But you should be very careful for using this method because your minor mistake can injure you. Read more about How to get paint out of hair?

  • Check the best spot where you can kick the door

Before kicking the door examine it properly, make sure that you kick the door close to its handle but it does not mean that you should kick at the handle. Never kick at the center of the door. If you hit the door with great force at the center then you can get injured.

  • Do a front kick to the best spot you found

Hit the door from front with great force at the right position.

Remember apply this method only in an emergency situation, but if you can wait then adopt another method for opening the door.

Paper clip and tension wrench method:

Enter the small handy tension wrench in the bottom part of lock (where you enter the key). Rotate it in the direction of the key, move it up and down. During the process, you will hear a lot of clicking sounds (these are the sounds of raising pins of lock). The door will open when all the pins of the lock are raised. If tension wrench is not available then you can use opposite side of the paper clip.

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