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How to test a WordPress site for SQL injection using SQLmap

In the twenty-first century, the Internet has come to so many developments that all the information is very easy as it is shared through websites (World Wide Web). I just changed the way of exchanging information from the old way. It’s not just information, even companies that are transferred to the online world, like banking on the go without even going into the bank.

It has just opened wide doors of opportunity while on the other hand it has opened doors to threats to someone’s privacy. Confidential information can be lost as a result of a cyber attack or even business can be destroyed by these online attacks. There is not a single system online that can claim to be one hundred percent hack-free. So, to be on the safe side, in this article I will show how to test your website for an SQL injection vulnerability through SQLmap.

So, how to test a WordPress website for SQL injection vulnerabilities using SQLmap

In order to start testing sites for SQL, we need to meet the following requirements.


  • Linux operating system (Kali Linux recommended)
  • SQLmap (pre-built in Kali Linux OS)
  • WordPress site

Instructions to follow

  • Well we got the username and password columns which is a great sign for us. Now we need to get the username and password from the admin username and password columns.
  • Great..! We have the username and password of the administrator that we can use to log into the target website.


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