How long does it take to change brake pads?

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How long does it take to change brake pads

A lot of people spend a huge part of their income on the maintenance and repairing of their car. But if you learn your skills then you can do it by yourself and can save your money. Let’s start from changing brake pads of your car. In this article, we have discussed complete procedure that how to change your car’s brake pads or how long does it take to change brake pads.

Which tools are used for changing car’s brake pads?

Different tools are used for changing brake pads of a car, some tools are commonly present in house but some tools are not present at home. You can take these tools from spare parts shop near you. List of some major tools (that must be used) is given below:

  1. Disposable mechanic’s gloves (these gloves are used for protecting your hands from grease during changing brake pads of your car).
  2. Jack and jack stands.
  3. Lug wrench.
  4. C-clamp or length of wood to retract the piston.
  5. Socket-wrench or Wrench (choose a socket, open end or adjustable wrench)
  6. Turkey baster for drawing out brake fluid.
  7. Pull iron

How long does it take to change brake pads?

Time taken for changing car’s break pad depends upon the experience of the person performing the task. An experienced person can perform this task in just one to two hours, but if some unexperienced person is doing so then it might take up to 2 to 3 hours. Read more about How to get smoke smell out of hair?

Process for changing the brake pads:

Changing of brake pads is not a very complicated task, it is simple if you follow the right steps. A step by step guide is provided here that can help you while changing the brake pads of your car.

  1. Firstly, you should loose the lugs of the first wheel, then lift the car up with the help of the jack system. Then place the jack stands under the car for giving it support.
  2. Open the lugs you have loosen and remove the wheel.
  3. Rotate the wheels in the opposite direction of that side where you have to work.
  4. Make sure that the car is safely lifted up and it will not slip while changing brake pads.
  5. Next step is to remove the pins of the caliper, these are almost two pins and they are present on the back side of the caliper.
  6. Next step is to compress the brake caliper, this can be done by using a C-clamp or another tool like it.
  7. Now simply remove the old brake pads and keep the new one at that place.

Why you need to change your car’s brake pads?

If you don’t change brake pads of your car then you are at the risk of damaging brake rotors and calipers. It can also slow down the working of your car’s brake system and you will notice some changes in working of your car. So change them when you feel that your brake pads have wear out. But the question is, how to know that when you need to change brake pads of your car?

Change brake pads of your car when you notice the following signs;

  1. Whenever you hear a clicking sound
  2. When brake are applied slowly.
  3. When you apply brakes, brakes pedal vibrate.

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