How information pirates in Russia allow the Kremlin to play geopolitical cheaply

The penetration of SolarWinds’ sprawling system by state-backed Russian hackers is the latest sign of Moscow’s increasing determination and improvement of its technical ability to disrupt and conduct espionage on a global scale in cyberspace.

PenetrationAnd that offended parts of the United States government as well Technology companies, hospital and university, Adds to a series of more complex and daring intrusive operations on the Internet, showing how cyber operations have become a major component of Russia’s confrontation with the West, analysts and officials say.

Analysts said that Moscow’s relations with the West continue to deteriorate, and the Kremlin sees cyber operations as a cheap and effective way to achieve its geopolitical goals. They say it is unlikely that Russia will backtrack on such tactics, even while facing US sanctions or countermeasures.

“For a country that already sees itself as being in conflict with the West in practically every area except for open military engagements, there is no incentive to leave any field that could offer an advantage,” said Kerr Giles, Senior Fellow at Chatham House. tank.

The scale of Russian cyber operations has grown alongside Moscow’s global ambitions: from cyberattacks on neighboring Estonia in 2007 to interference in elections in the United States and France a decade later, to SolarWinds, seen as one of the worst known hacks of computer systems. Federalism.

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